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  • tararebeka


    It’s the strangest thing – no matter which folder I’m uploading in (drag or by using the arrow) my files somehow upload into the root directory. The first time I dragged my files into the correct folder, the script somehow stopped moving the files, or recognizing that a file had been imported. We lost two hours worth of work because the posts kept getting re-imported over the original.

    I had to log out, then back in, then reset it to the ‘old’ look, which didn’t totally fix it. I still upload into the root, regardless of where I drag, but at least now I don’t have the ‘no move & overwrite’ issue.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to write a cron job that would pull those RTF files directly from a folder on our own server, or does the process have to include Google.

    Gotta say, I totally freaked out – I launched all eight of our newspapers on October 1 using this process and thought I was totally screwed.

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  • Had another issue with the ‘new’ Google Drive. Something about it causes a corrupted file to come across, and the script can’t move the file from one directory to another like it normally does. This causes that same file to re-import whenever the cron runs and overwrite itself.

    The only thing that seems to ‘fix’ the issue is to go back to the ‘old’ Google drive interface. Delete the file and re-upload it to Drive. Everything else then runs as it should.

    Now my biggest fear is the day when the ‘old’ Google Drive interface is no longer available.

    This has all occurred using a Mac and both Safari and Chrome. I’ll test this weekend from a PC, but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this. I’ve included screencaps to show what these imports look like.

    From the list of Posts

    The actual text from the imported file

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