[resolved] RTE formating blog entry actually formats whole blog (1 post)

  1. wendyhouse
    Posted 10 years ago #

    This is a nast bug that I cannot reproduce 100% relieably. I experience it on about 25% of my postings.

    Reproduction steps.
    - Make blog entry. Use RTE formatting tools* within the - entry, e.g. centre-paragraph.
    - Save and continue editing
    - View the preview (looks great)
    - Publish
    - The whole blog is now all centre-paragraph. ?????!!!!!!

    *this has happened to me for 'bold', centre paragraph, italic

    The way ! 'work around' this bug is I copy (cntrl-c) the blog entry, then delete the entry in word press, make a new entry and paste (contrl-V) the contents into this new entry with I then post.

    WordPress is wonderful - thank you for making and supporting it, you guys arte heros.

    This is using:
    Wordpress 2.02
    No plug-ins
    Theme: orcadia
    Me = novice, no coding/hacking...

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