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  • Hello community,

    I just switched from Typo3 to WordPress as I found T3 to be way too complex for the projects I usually get.

    What I am wondering now is how you can generate easily maintainable individual page layouts as there only seems to be the Rich-Text-Editor view for each article (correct me if I’m wrong):
    Coming from Typo3 I am used to have a list-of-all-content-elements-on-this-page like view of a single page in the backend before any RTE functionality. This means if I want to have e.g. an introduction text, a gallery, a block of excerpts, then two columns, then one column again, etc. on a page I individually set them up as items on this page (with an individual RTE/Mediatab for each item). I wonder how this “step inbetween” is translated in WordPress.

    As far as I got into it until now, it seems I am pretty much bound to a linear flow of Text and images within one Rich-Text-Editor view.
    So what is the procedure for tweaking pages so they can carry multiple, differing, easily maintainable content elements? Do I need special plugins? Of course it’s easy for ME to use the HTML-view for that, but it’s nothing a client would be able to do if he wants to update only a single column on a page and the for example …

    I am sure this is deadly simple and I just didn’t get the full idea of the system yet?

    Best Regards

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