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    If I update Event Options, I am presented with the ability to select future events to update with the new options.
    However, even if I only select one future event to update, it updates ALL existing future events.
    This is a problem, since some options, such as start time, may change from week to week.

    This behaviour has been present since I started using RsvmpMaker over 8 months ago,

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  • Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Can you give an example? If I understand right, you have an event template and even when you only check off only one event to update from the Create/Update Events screen, all are updated? That shouldn’t be true.

    The one exception I can think of is that individual events can be set up to share documents such as the RSVP form and confirmation documents with the template. Unless you customize the form, for example, to be different for a specific event date, edits to that shared form will be reflected across all events based on the template. On the dropdown menu under Event Options, you’ll see RSVP Form (Template) or RSVP Form (Default) if the document is not specific to the one date.

    If something else is going wrong, I’ll work on tracking it down if you can give me a few more clues.

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Tested updates from template this morning on one of my own sites. Not seeing the behavior you reported. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the issue you’re running into.

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    I see this on th Event Options page:

    RSVP Form
    Fields: first,last,email,phone,TOS
    Guests: No
    Note field: No
    Edit (inherited from Template)

    I see that the post number from the Edit URL is the same for all events derived from the same template.
    Is that the problem?

    For an event this week:
    Edit: https://XXXXXXX/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=86675&back=89826

    For an event next week:
    Edit: https://XXXXXXX/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=86675&back=89827
    Customize https://XXXXXXX/wp-admin/?post_id=89827&customize_form=86675

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Okay, that may be the point of confusion. If you edit the form associated with the template, your change will be applied to all events associated with the template. That might be what you want, in many cases, if the events are instances of the same event series.

    If you want a different form for a specific event, follow the Customize link. That gives you a copy of the form you can change independently of the template. Your changes will not be applied to the template or events based on the template.

    If you wanted to have the same form for all events, you would customize the default form (accessible from RSVPMaker Settings) to meet your needs. A new event created independently of a template, or a new template, will inherit the default form. If the form isn’t customized to be specific to the template, events created from the template will also inherit the default form.

    A similar scheme applies to the confirmation messages.

    All this is intended to address a variety of usage scenarios. If you have suggestions about how to make this clearer in the UI, let me know.

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