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  1. 5starAffiliatePrograms
    Posted 11 years ago #

    My blog was nominated for MarketingSherpa's 2nd Annual Reader's Choice Marketing Blog Awards, for top marketing blogs at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=333931095143
    Thanks to Podz for a great design!

    So it totally sucks that I can’t get this one page right. Although it’s not public yet, thank God!

    I’m NOT a coder so please be gentle with me!

    I get errors displaying some feeds. Most display fine, but many have errors. Think it’s a bug in a plug-in maybe? Podz said it was due to some feeds using an older format. So I updated to the latest version of the RSS Link List Plugin which says it displays feeds in all formats. The top 2 still have parsing errors. And for some reason it pushed my right bar way down to bottom of the page. Now I have a real mess.

    See the parsing error on the top 2 feeds. I used same code for all feeds. Some work right and some don’t.

    This is the feed that is displaying the error code at top of page. This is the code I use which works fine on most of the other feeds I syndicate.


    2nd feed same code and same error, different feed.

    WHAT I WANT is to display multiple forum RSS feeds like displayed on this page: http://www.affiliate-marketing-news.cc/index.php?loc=159
    Headlines only or short descriptions, but a nice consistant format.

    Remember, I’m not a coder and maybe don’t understand the basics. But I SWEAR I have read all the forum threads, CODEX, the old Wiki, the RSS Link List Plugin site and everything I can find and have worked on trying to fix this for over 4 weeks.

    I need help. Can anyone help me??? Is there another plug-in that would work better? I need to make it look right and be able to add new forums to the page when I find them.

    Please remember I’m not a coder, so speak in English and tell me right where to put it, if you suggest a line of code or anything. ;-)

    BTW other pages of my blog that display multiple feeds look just fine: http://affiliate-blogs.5staraffiliateprograms.com/seo-blogs/.
    So maybe the top 2 are just poorly formatted feeds?

    Thanks, Linda

  2. kinomuto
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hey Linda - just read this. Looks like you have fixed this but if you get problems on WP again then you can give me a shout. We've gone around the block quite a few times with this software. You can find me through TW (kino). :) Best Nick

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