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  • john3290


    Hey guys, i’m pretty new to WordPress & very new to RSSImport .

    I was searching around for plugins that could hopefully do what I need them to do. This one looked pretty popular, so I tried it out.

    Very little documentation with RSSImport and I can’t read Deutsch. (creator’s website)

    #1 First off, how am I able to tell how often the Feeds update ? I don’t see anything about a Cron to update or anything.

    #2 Also, i’d like my initial URL’s from the feeds (once new headlines are imported) to first be hosted on my domain, before going to the news link site. Is there anyway to do this & have them be auto-created similar to how Drupal has it ?

    For example : I import New York Times news feed, 5 news article URL’s are auto-created.. I would like those 5 URL’s to initially be created in my pages / posts and then after the short description on my page (from feed description) it then clicks over to their site.

    Maybe another RSS plugin is what I need ? I’m not sure.

    any help is much appreciated.



    [No bumping, thank you.]

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