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  • Hi!
    I´m trying to get my feeds to work corectly.
    How do i change rss_language for Atom?
    xml:lang=”<?php echo get_settings(‘rss_language’); ?>”>

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  • How can i change the ‘rss_language’ ? Please help!

    Yes please,
    I can’t find the option to specify the leng for the rss feed…
    i’m running WP 1.2

    Yes this puzzles me too, where on earth does this code retrieve it’s language setting? It is “en” in my feed.
    <language><?php echo get_settings(‘rss_language’); ?></language>
    It is used in wp-commentsrss2.php but not in wp-rss2.php. I’ve hardcoded the language setting there, but would be nice if there were in the admin UI someplace a field where to set this.

    maybe i am a little bit late, but i just encountered the same problem. after doing some research on that topic and the way wordpress handles this language tag, i checked out the database and found an entry, which can be changed.
    the rss_language is set in the OPTIONS table.
    there you may find an entry with the OPTION_NAME = rss_language.
    change the value of OPTION_VALUE to your desired language. i changed EN to DE, since i wanted the language tag of my feed to state GERMAN.

    greetings, chris

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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