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  • Hi,

    I recently moved my wordpress blog from an Australian server to the Netherlands. The transfer when almost fine, and I have ironed out all the bug, except one. The comment rss feed is updating about 6 hours after comments are posted.

    The comments are being displayed on the blog correctly, with the right time. They are also showing the correct time of publication when the rss feed finally updates 6 hours later.

    My theory is that the sql query is not taking into account the time difference between the actual server time and the post time.

    Can anyone help me with this, as it is hamping my members form using the blog successfully.

    The site is:

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  • I have been playing around with it, and it seems like the internal cache is screwing up. Well thats from a quick play around anyway.

    Anyone else got this problem?

    I’m having a problem with the timestamp on my rss feed, too. Even though, in the Dashboard, I’ve set the time to be -4 off of UTC time, and even though the time shows up correctly on the blog, the RSS feed shows posts as having been posted 5 hours before I wrote them.

    This is frustrating because when the feed is picked up, the post is stamped with an incorrect time. How can I fix this?

    Yeah something really screwy with the way the cacheing checks to see if the feed is fresh. I will have a hack at this on the weekend and see if I can at least get more of an idea of whats is truely wrong.

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