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    The plugin got stuck and ended up using all available server processes.
    This created a big problem with the host which locked out all of my domains on the server.
    After doing quite a bit of digging through the raw logs, turned out be a stuck cron job.
    I only have one cron job running every 10 minutes for this plugin.

    When manually trying to syndicate, four of the five URLs would pull posts.
    One of them refused and kept loading.
    The URL is activate and working but for some reason the plugin couldn’t parse it.

    I deleted the feed and attempted to re-add it but it won’t do it at all.
    This is the same RSS URL that worked just fine but not any more.

    Could you help me out?

    Thank you,


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I can’t answer to this question. The may happen because of 1001 reasons, such as: weak server hardware, host-related connection problems, sever software problems, wrong settings and many many more…

    My suggestion will be the following: try to pull only one feed at once (not 3 or 4, just 1). Don’t try to pull it very often. Pull it once a hour or so. Pull only one post every time. Don’t try to pull many. Disable auto translation and the full-text RSS feature.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Here’s the thing though, the other feeds are working as we speak.
    It’s just one feed that cannot be added.

    This eliminates the 1,001 and reasons. It’s not weak server hardware, it’s not host-related, it’s not a server software problem, and the settings haven’t changed. It just stopped working, I removed it, tried to add it again, and it won’t even add. Just times out.

    I’ve tried limiting to one feed with one story per hour. Work just the same as pulling 4 feeds every 10 minutes. The issue is not in the feeds not feeding, the issue is in not being able to add a new feed. Translation and full-text RSS are both off.

    When going to the feed manually, the feed works. Thought I’d mention this too.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


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    You say that you are unable even to add the feed, but then you say it’s working when pulled manually. So can you add it or not? Can I see its actual URL?

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    I cannot add the feed.
    What I mean by going to the feed manually is going to the RSS feed URL. It pulls up the feed in a browser. However I cannot add the feed into the plugin.

    There are two feed URLs. Both are active but cannot be added.
    These are the same URLs which worked just fine for months.

    URL #1:

    URL #2:

    I hope this helps and please keep in mind, these URLs have not changed.

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    @cyberseo any luck?
    I still haven’t been able to make it work.

    Plugin Author CyberSEO


    That’s because blocks Google bot. CyberSEO fakes the Google bot user agent when pulls the feed, because some other feed sources block all scripts that have no user agents at all.

    I don’t know why they are doing this but every site has its own rules. Some show their feeds to the Web scripts that have no user agent, others show them to browsers only, some show them to Google bots only etc. I’m trying to find a balance in this circus, but not always successfully.

    I have altered the user agent emulation algo in version 6.26. Hope it will work well for you.

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