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  • Hi,

    So my RSS feeds at are working fine. What’s not working fine are the widgets that are supposed to display those feeds on my site. I tried the basic RSS widget that comes with WordPress and KB Advanced RSS Widget, just to make sure the widget wasn’t the problem, and it’s not, because neither makes feed headlines appear where they’re supposed to.

    So I tried disabling all widgets to see if one was conflicting. That didn’t help. I deleted white space at the start and end of the functions doc and others. I don’t get it.

    Funny thing is, a few days ago the feeds were working fine. I’m not sure what I did in the meantime to mess them up. Any ideas?

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  • Update – It’s something about the way my site’s feeds are working (or not) in widgets on my site, because other RSS feeds are working just fine in the widgets.

    So I can view my feeds just fine when I try to view them in the Web browser. But when I try to put them into widgets on my site and display the headlines that way, no dice.

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