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  • I am having this exact same problem…


    I am not 100% sure, but I think that widget will only use RSS, RSS2 and ATOM feeds and not strict XML feeds. Do those sites offer another format?


    XML is the language that RSS is written in… even if the feed URLs were changed to be “.rss” it shouldn’t matter.

    I validated The City Cook feed in the Atom/RSS feed validator:

    I’ve been messing with the same problem as these guys, I tried to set up feeds using the rss widget on a number of servers and with a number of themes and nothing! All I get is a long delay as it save then the error – Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.

    Does anyone know how to fix this or is the an alternative plugin?

    I wondered if it was something on the server preventing access to feeds from external sources. But server settings are not something I’m very familiar with.

    I’m still holding out hope that someone with the answer will read this thread…

    same problem no reply from anyone… struck me as odd that no one knows what is up with this..

    Yeh – searched and searched on this one and nothing? And still nobody knows what to do to fix it. Really really odd, I’d subscribe to the feed on this but IT DON’T WORK? If anyone can help it would really cool

    What I have found for the couple of feeds that I use is to go to the main site of the feed you want (ie: and then do an on-site search for RSS feeds.

    I currently use ESPN and CNN as my two feeds, and they work lovely.

    Sorry mellojoe, but that’s not what we’re on about.

    We have valid RSS feed links, but the widget does not save them, it constantly gives us the previously mentioned error message.

    Someone out there must know why, and what to do to fix this… maybe…

    The way it looks like – I doubt anyone in cyber space or outer space can fix this one!

    Yeah djr3110, it sure seems like it never really worked to begin with and no one wants to own up to it…

    Yeah, it looks like none of the developers are even looking at it. I really want to make use of it, but with the error message showing it is useless (although if you click on the image you do get the feed).

    Help! I have the same problem. I have three accounts on, all work. When I use the same feeds on my site installed and hosted by, none of the feeds work – getting the same error message as you.

    Hi, a quick update. I thought maybe if I installed a different RSS Widget, I might get around the problem. So I downloaded the KB Advanced RSS Widget, installed and activated it and I get the same error. Except this time, the actual feed shows up on the page (see Click on the feed and you can see it is up and running. The creator of this feed widget has this in his documentation:

    “An error has occured; the feed is probably down.”
    This widget relies on WordPress’s feed parsing abilities (look in wordpress/includes/rss.php). WordPress grabs the requested feed then passes it to this widget for formatting. If you are seeing this error, it means one of two things:

    1.) The feed really is down. Wait a while and try again.
    2.) WordPress’s feed parser is screwed up. Try updating to the most recent version of WordPress. If that doesn’t work, file a WordPress bug report in Trac.
    In the latter case, you may want to first try using the RSS widget that comes as a built-in widget. You’ll probably get the same error there, since the KB RSS widget uses the exact same error-checking method.

    So, even though I believe installed the latest and greatest version, I downloaded it and installed it and it made no difference. I’ll be logging a bug for this issue.

    OK, I logged a bug here: Incidentally, I mentioned I’m using, perhaps that’s the problem. Who are the other hosting providers for the guys having the same problem as me?

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