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  • I have several podcasts and I’m providing the RSS feed using a combination of WordPress and the PodPress plugin. This combination has made life very easy. Unfortunately my web host has complained numerous times that my WordPress sites stress their servers due to nonstop requests for the RSS feed. A couple of the podcasts do have several thousand subscribers.

    I am wondering if there is a way to cache the RSS feed so that it doesn’t have to be calculated at each request. I am still using WordPress 1.5, and I know some caching technology was added to 2.0 but I don’t know if this applies to RSS feeds. Specifically, I don’t know if this applies to requests for RSS feeds limited to a particular category, which is what I would need. Can someone answer this?

    Barring upgrading to 2.0, I have looked at the wp-cache plugin but it appears it doesn’t work with RSS feeds. Are there any other alternatives? I am considering redirecting my RSS traffic to feedburner, but I would rather host a cached feed. It only updates once a week.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


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  • 1. use FeedBurner or other ‘centralized’ feed-serving service. (what I do now myself…)

    2. use wp-cache (or staticize), which should be able to cache the feed the same as any other content that isn’t ‘excluded’. if the feed URLs are in the excluded list, just remove them from the list. 😉 (this is what I used to do…)


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