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    I’m creating a Facebook page for Mobil og Bredbånd and will in this connection have my RSS feeds to update automatically on the page, and you do it via the notes where you can insert your feed ulr but I get message that there are no feeds at the ulr every time I try.

    I will then use their Validator and get this message.

    This feed is valid, men Interoperability med widest range of feed readers kunne förbättras city implementing things følgende rekommendationer.

    line 31, column 0: content: encoded skulle not contain iframe tag (10 occurrences) [help]

    <content:encoded> <! [CDATA [<iframe src = “ = 450 & action = som & ColorScheme = Light & height = 80 “scrolling =” no “frame border =” 0 “style =” border: none; overflow: hidden; width: 450px; height: 80px; “allowTransparency =” true “> </ iframe> < p style = “text-align: center;”> <img class = “size-full wp-image-869 aligncenter” title = “Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek” src = “ / DSC02906-e1291664126376.jpg “alt =” Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek “width =” 430 “height =” 539 “/> </ p>

    I tried to delete the post but then it was just the next post which received the same message?

    Someone who knows what must be done to get it up and running on my facebook page?

    Good day


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