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  • AlfredZat


    Sorry for my ignorance, but I’d like to ask the following regarding RSS feed:

    1) Does it consume too much bandwidth? I have only 10 GB a month and my site already consumes 6 GB without any blog.
    2) Might it be used by some stupid scriptkidding to hack the site or simply bother me by consuming bandwidth in his practices? In short, can RSS implementation on a blog stand for a security issue under cetain circumstances?

    Well, sorry again about my ignorance and my perhaps stupid questions but I must be cautious in this jungle known as Web, you know. By the way, I was reading the Wiki’s article on RSS already, and the above doubts simply raised.

    Thanks in advance

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  • masquerade


    1) One of the reasons that RSS feeds were created was to take some of the bandwidth off of image-intensive sites. The only reason that RSS might hurt is if everybody refreshes it every 5 minutes instead of bi-hourly or so

    2) No, you can’t be hacked (as far as everybody knows). Yes, they could steal bandwidth with it, but it’d be a lot less than if they were loading your site constantly.



    Oh, I didn’t know that. I will think about implement RSS feed then.

    Any notorious advantages to run those risks you mentioned?

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