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  • Hi, guys!

    Well, I decided to create the topic, because I’m pretty much desperate right now. Long story short, I had a small misunderstanding between me and my client, he actually asked me about A, which I understood as B, and he confirmed it as B, so I did the B. The thing is, when I finished the B, he said that, well, it’s not exactly what he meant.

    He asked me about RSS. About making a News page and make a feed displaying the headers of the news regarding the topic. Well, I did it. The only thing he DIDN’T say in the first place is that these news shouldn’t be GENERATED by us, but instead pulled from the other, listed, sites, sorted by the given keyword. So, in other words, let’s say we run the blog about rockabilly music. And we have articles, a lot of them. But on the one of the pages, we want to have news from the other sites. How does it work? It fetches headers and content from, for example, feed and displays on our page as the news. Of course, linked to the origin page. But not just lists them, displays them in our way, using our template. Any idea how to do that, is this even possible or worthy?

    I do apologize if this is a common question, if this actually is in Codex already, or, heck, if it’s even a basic functionality. I’m just completely exhausted by now, I had some fancypants massage today – technique from outer space, believe me – and I feel like being ran over by a gazillion of bisons.

    I’m looking forward to the soon response, thank you very much, forgive my incompetence.


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