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  • I’m having what I think might be a problem – lately, the RSS-feed delivered by seems to be a little erratic. When I’m watching the RSS-feed in Bloglines, it shows only the excerpt (not added, it’s just automatically showing the first few lines of text in my post) – no images show. The same when viewed in Feedburner, or just by clicking the RSS-feed link on the homepage. It does not show the complete post.

    In settings within WP I’ve put it up to show complete posts – it doesn’t seem to change whether I have this on or off. I can’t see that I have any plugins modifying the RSS-feed – the plugins I have loaded mostly just do stuff to the blog itself, and does not go into the feed. I’ve tried turning all the plugins off too, without any effect.

    Anyone have a tip or two that I can check out here? Could anybody just check the feed, via bloglines or feedburner or any other feed-service, to check if the complete post is shown?

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