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  • I love this plugin, but I’ve got a little problem.

    I use it for shorter news updates and I use the RSS-function to get the updates on the front page. But is it possible to make some sort of a title so it doesn’t ‘destroy’ the RSS-feed?

    If my text update is:
    “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean scelerisque auctor nisi eu molestie. Sed eleifend accumsan gravida. Ut aliquam ipsum a urna aliquam scelerisque at malesuada enim. Morbi accumsan sem sit amet nisi mollis congue. Ut vel feugiat felis. Vestibulum placerat est ac nulla vestibulum facilisis. Cras gravida diam quis justo hendrerit adipiscing. Nunc augue justo, ultricies et viverra nec, ornare ut neque. Sed et arcu orci. Praesent ac lectus a sapien vulputate tristique. Maecenas scelerisque congue mauris id fermentum.”

    This will result in a very long RSS feed title. Is it possible to somehow make it shorter or do something so the title for instance only would be “Lorem Ipsum” but the update would be in full lenght?

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