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  • I am running 1.2.1 right now, and am having a problem with the RSS/RSS2/Atom feeds. When they are loaded, they somehow put 4 blanks lines at the top of the file, which renders them useless, as most readers need the <?xml… line as the first line.


    I’ve looked through the files, but I can’t seem to find anywhere where it would be adding them.

    Anyone know of any similar issues?

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  • It occasionally crops up around here. Some things to try:

    1. Turn off plugins.
    2. Look at any third-party scripts included in your WordPress setup.
    3. Re-upload the WordPress files (backing up any you may have modified).

    Note that this is not just affecting your rss feed. Take a look at the source of your home page.

    I know thread necromancy is frowned upon, but thank you so much. Ended up being a few extra lines in the Trackback/Pingback moderation scripts I had installed.

    Everything is peachy now.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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