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    Good afternoon.

    We have 46 directories and would like to use RSS importer on them.
    I have set up WP Post RSS Aggregator (this plugin) on one of the directories, and it is not importing any feeds.

    *I have read the support documentation, checked crons, no auth on htaccess etc*
    All non essential plugins have been disabled, and still does not work.
    We would ideally like plugin dev to look at this please.

    Before I upgrade and use this on all 46 of our websites I would like to see it working on our site. We have another RSS plugin in use on 40 of them, however 6 of the sites do not import. Support team for the current plugin are of no help, despite using premium license.

    WE would like to try this plugin before we buy but still need it to work before we buy it so we can see if it is right for us, and it works before we pay money.

    The server for problematic sites.
    VPS Apache Ubuntu 16.04 1GB memory, 1CPU with 20GB disk.
    Running WP.4.8

    Any assistance much appreciated.
    The site is – I have increased php memory limit etc still no working.

    PS I have read all other support topics on this forum, none of which have been of help, this is new issue.

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  • Plugin Support Eric Gunawan


    Hi @mburdett555,

    Sorry to hear about this.

    We’re going to need some more information before we’ll be able to figure out what’s going on. Please send along the following:

    • Some screenshots of your feed source settings and general settings.
    • The feed source URLs that are being affected.
    • A link and screenshots to an example of your issue on your site.
    • A screenshot of your Cron Events page.

    Hopefully, with this information, we can get a better idea of what you’re working with.



    Hi @erricgunawan
    Thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay.

    Please find below the reqested information and screenshots.
    We have used the same feeds, on other sites with the same settings and work fine so not the feed source them self but must be a server set up issue I would imagine.
    These servers are apache ubuntu whereas the other ones are hosted by different hosting company. Also worth noting that one of the externally hosted sites doesnt work either but its this site ( that we are trying to figure out).

    The issue is nothing is being imported despite using same settings and feeds on other sites. We use different plugin on our other sites but we dont want anymore as they are not helping at all and we need issue resolved. We will move to this plugin should issue be resolved as our license with them is due to expire.

    Feed Source Screenshots

    Cron Jobs

    As far as I can see nothing is unsual and we have the minimal amount of plugins installed, all of which are present on the sites that are working.

    Please email me at matt at franchise-uk dot co dot uk and we can work on this if you require login details for site and server.

    Plugin Support Eric Gunawan


    Hi @mburdett555,

    As you have said, this could be a matter of a server setup issue, since you can get our plugins work fine on your other sites/host.

    You can check if your server for your site already has the correct setup and fulfill the requirements.

    You can ask your hosting provider for this information. If they’re sure everything is already set, you can ask for a debugging log or such as to why the feeds are not importing.

    Please let us know how things turn out with your host.

    I am the web host for London business directory website.
    cURL is enabled and PHP is 7 wordpress is 4.8.
    How can I make a debug log for the plugin?
    Thankyou in advance @erricgunawan

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    • This reply was modified 10 months, 4 weeks ago by  mburdett555.
    Plugin Support Eric Gunawan


    Hi @mburdett555,

    You can follow this guide to acquiring the Error Log.

    Also, have you checked your server setup and the requirements?

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