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    I thought I had my RSS problems all worked out, but now there’s a new one: “RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Operation timed out after 10 seconds with 0 bytes received”
    I have no idea what this is or how to correct it. Help, please?

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  • Do you have an URL for the volunteer helpers to use to see this in action?

    On a whim, I checked a site from one of your other topics here. That site is painfully slow, but eventually the RSS finally did manage to load. Took a couple minutes though. If you’re trying to pull the feed from a feed reader or something I would definitely not be surprised if that feed reader gave up earlier.

    Perhaps check with your host to see if your server is having issues?

    Thanks & sorry, it’s as you’ve discovered. My host said my site was using up too much whatever last week, so I guess it’s connected with them. I set up WP Super Cache, so I was hoping that the slow load problem had disappeared. Unless you have another idea, I’ll check with them in the morning. How quickly does Super Cache work?

    WP Super Cache starts working immediately. In viewing the source of your page, I can see it is working from the comments at the bottom.

    One place to start would be to (temporarily) switch your theme back to Default and disable all the plugins. Does that speed anything up? Then switch the theme back and test after enabling each plugin to see if you can spot one that is slowing everything down.

    If, at Default and no plugins, it is still very slow then you definitely need to talk to your hosting company.

    Thanks again, Chris! I’ll get on it in the morning as I just can’t do any more right now. It’s been a long & difficult day!

    It’s taken a long time, but my host finally removed whatever it was. I did most of what you suggested, Chris, then gave up as it took so long. I sent one last e-mail to the host & finally got some action. Seems fine now. Thanks again.

    Update: I had to remove the RSS Feed altogether! Host said I was still using up most of their space. When I deleted the feed it was fine. What could be causing this? I’m completely flummoxed!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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