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    I'm using FeedBlitz to send out email notifications of new posts. I want the entire post to show up in the email. Currently only a small portion of the post shows up with a [...] at the end. I took a look at the rss directly and indeed that's all that's contained in the rss feed. What do I need to do to have the entire post be a part of the rss feed? Thanks very much for any insight or help.

  2. Settings->Reading. Tell it to show entire post instead of partial posts.

    Note that you will not see a difference in the feed using Firefox. It'll still show the ... stuff. However, the entire post will still be contained in the feed itself, under the content:encoded field.

  3. backpages
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    Excellent! Thank you very much. Another question if I might. We are using two "custom fields" as part of each post. The information in those fields doesn't seem to show up in the RSS feed. Is that to be expected, or is there a way to have that information be a part of the post in the feed? Thanks again!

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