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  • Hi,
    maybe a stupid question but I’m wondering about the following.
    Is there a way to somehow aggregate the RSS/Atom-feed of a blogs categories without knowing the exact categories. I mean I want to aggregate a bloggers categories automatically and show them on a webpage without any manual initervention. The RSS should tell me about new (sub)categories. Imagine a community of 20 that post to different and emerging categories. Wouldn’t it be great to aggregate what’s going on on a category basis.
    Can you understand me?

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  • You can use something like rss2js for this.

    That’s fine but I want to display (sub)categories like here
    That means I need the feeds to group automatically under certain meta-categories like where/who/what like in this case.

    that rss2js is amazing!
    that’s what i have been seeking…
    however, it fails in two ways:
    1. i would dearly love to set this script to display single catagories of my blog
    2. i would love to display the entire entry.
    this would allow me to create categories as special lists, announcements, and even music i love, and display it anywhere!
    simply adding full text and categories would make this script perfect.
    wish i knew anything about java so i could contribute to the project.

    you can categorize your feed by simply adding ?p=x to the end of the url this scrip calls.
    it works!
    only trouble is elongating the number of characters, and including images.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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