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  • I have been submitting my RSS feed for my podcast to various directories, only to find they are not being updated as they should be.

    My feed is: (I’m running Mac OSX 10.3.9.)

    I recently updated from WP 1.5 to 1.5.3, but this was happening before that. In fact, I updated primarily because I thought it might clear up the problem, but it didn’t.

    The feed validates, by the way.

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  • The RSS feed is up to date, as far as I can see. It has the latest post you made.

    If the podcasts directory listing is not getting updated with your post when you post to your blog, see if the podcast directory requires you to ping it.

    If it on the other hand monitors some update service, then make sure you are pinging

    The “options->writing” menu should help in both cases.

    Pingomatic is being pinged and most if not all the directories monitor that service.

    I did make the mistake of sending out the following RSS feed to some of the directories early on: http://audiolingo/?feed=rss2&category_name=podcasts/
    but that seems to bring up an identical feed. Plus, the same thing happens with directories that have received the corrected feed. I just this morning pinged one listing service that does require pinging with each show entry, and it also relisted that same first program. I’m rapidly going nuts over this.

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    Well, it certainly doesn’t appear to be a WordPress problem, though you should upgrade to WP v1.5.2 ASAP (there is no v1.5.3, you are currently running v1.5.1.3).

    As Carthik said, make sure that you have listed in the Update Services at Options/Writing. Beyond that, there’s really nothing more that we can do. You’ll have to contact the support group of the malfunctioning Update Services.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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