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  1. patternsofchaos: Yes, you can report bugs on trac, however, that is not a bug. You're reading it wrong. Really, I made the same mistake myself once.

    Look closer at where the { and } signs are.

    The full text option controls whether or not the content:encoded section is output. The description section always contains the excerpt, as it is supposed to.

  2. patternsofchaos
    Posted 8 years ago #

    If it's not a bug, then at least half a dozen feed readers I've tried all have the same bug. Changing that value in WordPress fixed the problem.

    It may not be a bug, technically, but it certainly works against user expectations. The fact that there is this much discussion on the matter, and this many people having the same problem, should say something.

  3. Nazgulled
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I have this issue too...

  4. psykoral
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Guys, listen to Otto42, he's right. Believe me, I feel you on thinking it's a bug. This was driving me absolutely INSANE trying to figure out why it would cut the post off even though I was using full text mode and not using the 'more' feature.

    I've read every post on this tread and discovered IT'S NOT A BUG! Otto42 is RIGHT!

    Look at your feed in the Safari browser! Does it cut it off? NO! You know why? Because Safari reads the 'content:encoded' tag rather then the 'description' tag. Look at your feed in IE6, where you can view the raw XML. See it? There's BOTH a description, which DOES cut it off... AND a content:encoded which has the FULL article.

    How do you make your reader read from the 'content:encoded' tag? Sorry, I can't help you there. I don't read RSS through readers, I simply consume it for use in automating RSS feeds into websites written in ASP.NET and PHP. Perhaps someone else can if you're reader is reading the 'description' tag by default.

  5. TripleCremeFan
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I am having this problem, and I am not just trying to view the results through a browser.

    I'm using a feed parser, Carp, and I've written a small plugin for it that responds to every element that Carp encounters in the feed. I set the indicated option to "full feed", verified that the posts I'm testing against don't have any <!-- more --> tags, verified in the db that the rss_use_excerpt option is set to zero (off), and my plugin is not seeing any <content:encoded> tags, only <description> tags with a summary. When I make the change indicated by mojofofofo to feed-rss2.php, my plugin sees <content:encoded> tags (as well as <description> tags).

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