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    I’m in the process of setting up my blog and the layout and whatnot. I clicked on both RSS links in my footer and neither of them work.

    my URL is

    In FireFox i get a pop up error window that says “Alert Feed is not a Registered protocol”

    In IE it takes me to a page cannot be displayed error page. In the title bar it says Invalid Syntax Error

    As far as I know, I really haven’t touched footer.php where these links reside. Also, I have the most recent version of wordpress installed.

    Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance!

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  • I looked in the footer.php and it was making the URL to be


    I’m not sure if feed: is supposed to be at the front like that. any ideas?

    I removed the feed: part and I think its working now…I just hope I didn’t take out something I need

    Moderator James Huff


    Your feed is fine at: The problem is the feed: in front of it. You can see an explanation here:

    And, please upgrade to Firefox v1.0.4 as soon as you can. Currently, it’s the only version of Firefox (and the only cross-platform browser) that can correctly handle feed:.

    Awesome thanks a ton for looking into that for me, I really appreciate your help!

    Moderator James Huff


    No problem. ^_^

    And, please upgrade to Firefox v1.0.4 as soon as you can. Currently, it’s the only version of Firefox (and the only cross-platform browser) that can correctly handle feed:

    Odd, running 1.0.4 and it has no clue what to do with feed:.

    feed is not a registered protocol.

    It’s not the browser that supports the “protocol.” The “feed:” protocol scheme is similar to “mailto:” in that a program needs to be installed and registered in the OS as the supporting application. When I click on a mailto link my email application loads, and when I click on a feed link my RSS reader opens. But if I don’t have programs registered as the default apps, they don’t work.

    Yes, but it’d be nice if Firefox had the ability to hande the “feed:” protocol since it can handle feeds as bookmarks.

    I’m running Firefox v1.0.6 and I’m getting the same error message. What is a recommended RSS reder so I can default the protocol to that app?

    What is a recommended RSS reder

    For Windows, I can recommend SharpReader:

    Thanks so much I’ll check it out on my windows machine. But I also have a linux desktop that I use quite a bit. Any suggestions here?

    I think I am having a similar problem. I apologize for being completely clueless but this is my first blog. When I am in i.e. and I click on the entries (RSS) link at the bottom of my blog I get “This page cannot be found” The address of the blog is

    Whatever the problem is, would you mind being excruciatingly clear in your directions of what to do about it… I apologize again for not knowing what I am doing. Thanks!




    the RSS link at the bottom of your page is this:

    The feed: bit at the front is causing problems. feed: is a nascent standard, not yet widely supported by many applications. WordPress uses this format to help (try to) jump-start the market for its use. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem.

    To remove the feed: prefix, simply edit the footer.php file in your wp-content/themes/default/ directory.

    Thank you skippy, I would like to say this worked but instead it is broken worse – no doubt my fault. I opened the footer.php file in notepad and there were two lines with feed: in them.

    The first line had “>Entries

    After removing the feed: it now says


    I saved it as footer.php and reuploaded and now when one clicks the entries (RSS) link one gets an exciting page of code. What did I do wrong?

    well heck, that post is not correct now because this system executed some of the code. Dunno what to do to stop that from happening so I can show you the code I changed and how I changed it 🙁

    never mind, I retract the question, I’m an idiot – it is now working correctly thank you Skippy!

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