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  • Although I have it set to do so in my dashboard, RSS 2.0 is not showing the full content, only the excerpt. What gives?

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  • when specifying the rss feed address use this format:

    the 2 on the end did it for me

    squooze my ignorance, but I know very little about html etc. I have the same issue, my site is only sending out a summary rss even though I have selected “Full feed”.
    In the answer above, where exactly to I stick that ‘2’?

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    scooter: Umm.. No, your site appears to send a full feed. At least, the full content of your posts is in the RSS that I get back.

    I have exactly the same problem as brittanie on

    I thought for a moment that this would have something to do with my template, showing the_excerpt instead of the_content, but no.

    Any idea?

    Well, I do not get it. With Firefox internal Feed reader, I get the summary. With Netvibes, I get the summary (But I get the complete text reading Gizmodo!?).

    But then, when I use the Sage plug-in in Firefox, this thing can see the whole content, or the summary, when I switch the option in the Control Panel of my WordPress site. In other words, only Sage works fine.


    My friend helped me with a solution. I’m not sure if this is kosher or whatever, but we edited my wp-rss2.php file and changed the following:

    In the section of php if() else() statements where it’s saying, <?php if (get_settings('rss_use_excerpt'), we changed the contents of the <description> after the ‘else’ statement.

    My change was this: <description><![CDATA[<?php the_content('', 0, '') ?>]]></description>

    We did this ONLY for the ‘description’ tag after the else statement.

    Then, make sure you choose the “full text” setting in your wordpress control panel.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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