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  1. Missouriflies
    Posted 4 years ago #

    so i'm doing everything i can think of. First off I changed the blogs address, i've got something (a plugin or its standard..)that allows me to do that when i edit the page. so the menu link works and the blogs address is what i just changed it to, thats great! Next I go to widgets and select the RSS widget and change the RSS address from what it was to http://example.com/new-blog-title/feed or http://example.com/new-blog-title. then I go and clear the cache (W3 total cache plugin). then I clear my browser cache...then i open my webpage click the rss and it takes me to my home page, which is not my blog!. is this an issue with w3 total cache or what the heck. I changed my visit shop link in the wp e-commerce php file a while back and had the same issue unitl after messing around it poped up correctly on another computer or when i was logged out of my site..who knows exactly what it was...but it was very frustrating and still is. had trouble with xml image sitemap too...it uploaded fine the first time but i needed to change some things and have it rewrite itself so I deleted it then reinstalled it and at that point I couldn't get it to appear in my directory root (using Core FTP) finaly did google image sitemap and it appeared in the root just fine. so thats the long story does anyone know whats going on. If its not one thing its another eh?

    !!!update...if i click the universal rss button it takes me to the right spot (my blog)...if i click the title I gave the rss it takes me to my home page(which, i repeat, is not my blog) so i've gone back and removed the name section give rss feed a name (optional) in the widget so its blank...but now the title/name of my site appear next to it and it links to the homepage. Am I malfunctioning or is this how the rss widget is supposed to work? oh man.

  2. Missouriflies
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Im doing something wrong maybe with the rss link address i think...help with that? and or where do i find the code governing the rss widget. i see the html in firebug but don't know how to use firebug to show me the location of the dominant code.

  3. Missouriflies
    Posted 4 years ago #

    here's the answer right here....

    good god. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/rss-widget-title-link-wrong?replies=7

    web challenged I am!

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