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    I need to pick your brains on this guys, because I’m ready to bash my head against the wall.

    When I visit my RSS feed in a browser, it displays with no issue ( When I add it to any external service, however, say TwitterFeed, NetworkedBlogs or Feedburner, it tells me, “Received HTTP error: “Not Found” while fetching source feed.” When I run it through the Feed Validator ( it gives me the same error but then, seemingly randomly, it sometimes tells me the feed is working fine on refresh.

    I assumed the RSS was choking on something in a post and would right itself in time but even turning the RSS down to just the last post or summary only doesn’t fix it.I’m not copying and pasting from Word or anything funky, all our bloggers write from directly within WordPress.

    I was having this issue with the GoDaddy File Not Found page and shut it off on GoDaddy’s end (as detailed here: on July 7th. That’s the only change I’ve made and it wasn’t even in wordpress. Now, this wordpress site has been up and working correctly for many years and this GoDaddy thing was never an issue before. I turned it off and the site was working properly again but, because of this other issue, I’m mentioning this in case the GoDaddy issue was just a symptom that something else was wrong. (Previous to turning it off, you couldn’t even see my site at all, just the GoDaddy file not found page.)

    Another indicator that something is wrong? Even though posts and pages are displaying fine, I’m getting a file not found error on Disqus comments on posts. We’re running WordPress WordPress 3.2.1, using the TwentyEleven template.

    I’m hugely appreciative of your suggestions on what to try next…

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