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    Almost 24 hours after I put a new post, it is not showing up on my feed, has not been sent to email subscribers, and I’m having issues sharing the post on certain social media sites. On Facebook, it’s not picking up any of the photos or other information and on Pinterest, if I paste a link to my website, I get an error page.

    I have a feeling this has something to do with Feedburner. I have deactivated the Feedburner Feed Smith plugin which diverted my RSS feed to Feedburner (but I haven’t deleted it completely), and attempted to change my RSS feed in a few places, but I’m still not seeing my new post show up in most places (Feedly, Bloglovin’, and social media sites that pick up images from your website)

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this without ruining my site? I know eventually, I should transfer everything from Feedburner, but in the meantime, is there another way to fix it so that my posts will show up in various subscription services?

    This is the regular feed for my site:

    And this is the Feedburner feed:

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  • When I look directly at your regular WordPress feed, it looks OK and I see your latest post (Photo Essay: Finding Paradise in Tayrona National Park, Colombia) as the first item. Feedly doesn’t have it in the feed, though, and The Old Reader refuses to load the feed at all.

    Is it possible that some other plugin is messing with the feed in a way that I haven’t noticed?

    Thanks for investigating. I haven’t had a chance to try disabling different plugins to see if it’s something else but I will try that when I get a chance. Do you have any sense of whether it could be related to Feedburner? I’m asking because the normal feed is fine, it’s just the Feedburner feed that has issues.

    I have never used Feedburner to replace the normal feeds. If you have deactivated the plugin, then I don’t see how it could be causing a problem.

    One thing I do notice is that your site takes about 25 seconds to respond to the feed request, or any other request. Other sites on the same server ( are much faster — for example, Chatsworth Sponsored Ride 2013. I wonder if maybe newsreaders have a short timeout, and they don’t wait for your feed, and I wonder what is making your site so slow.

    I contacted my web host about the issue. While they weren’t able to give me information to fix the problem, they were able to find out that my RSS feed ( ) has depreciated over the years after several WordPress updates.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this problem?

    If it happened to me, I’d try temporarily disabling any plugins.

    I have no idea what “depreciated over the years” means. Rust? Mould? Cobwebs?

    I figured out what the problem is — my theme. I switch my theme briefly from Thesis to Twenty Thirteen, reindexed my feed on Feedburner, and my latest post instantly appeared on the Feedburner feed, on Bloglovin, and on Feedly.

    I’ve switched back to Thesis in order to maintain my site design, but the issue is still there and I’m guessing the next new post also won’t show up as long as I keep the theme the way it is. Does anyone know what a permanent fix for this could be without have to change my theme?



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    You could ask the developers of thesis:


    I’ve already visited the DIY Themes site. I had no success with searching the forums for information on RSS problems and there doesn’t appear to be any contact information for tech support. I was thinking if someone else on this forum has experienced a similar issue with Thesis or another theme affecting their feed, maybe they could give me tips on how to resolve it.

    The fix was easy– I updated to a newer version of Thesis and that resolved my issues. Most issues with social media and RSS subscription services were fixed on their own, but I had to use the Facebook debug link tool to get images and post captions to appear on FB.

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