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  • Do I have to rewrite any co0de to make RSS (incoming) appear in the sidebar?

    If so, can any kind soul jot down the procedure for adding an RSS feed (incoming)

    Basically I’d like to get the BBC science feed onto my side bar and after reading the codex I am still no closer… 🙁

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  • And what did you find when you visited your own admin panel > Design > Widgets? – in the leftside Available widgets section under RSS?

    There is nothing under RSS 🙁

    I didn’t knowe that RSS feeds were called widgets.
    It seems that my import hasn’t been sucessful.

    Thanks for the reply by the way

    I import RSS using the import feature in ‘manage’.

    WS said that the import was successful BUT there waa no sign of it under ‘widgets’.

    So I added RSS by clicking in ‘widgets’ and put the URL of the XML file in by hand.

    It now appears as a link in the sidebar, but there is no ‘content’.

    I’m clearly doing something wrong!

    I import RSS using the import feature in ‘manage’.

    Why? In your original post you said (quote): “to make RSS (incoming) appear in the sidebar”.
    That means – you wanted to display the RSS feeds of another website in your sidebar. The RSS widget just does it for you out of the box.
    Why are you over-complicating it?

    Go back to your admin panel and click on the RSS widget in your sidebar to Edit: you can select whether to display content or not. Why is so difficult to take a closer look at the stuff you are working with?

    Thanks for all your input. I have tried (successfully this time) to import the RSS from some large corporations such as the BBC so maybe the RSS feeds that I tried to import were not active?

    What is the difference between downloading the .xml file to the home computer and then importing it rather than just placing the url in the RSS widget directory?

    If you download an xml file to a home pc and then upload it (import) doesn’t the content become static rather than dynamic?

    Why are you so obsessed with this downloading/importing stuff?

    RSS feeds are NOT for downloading. Period. They feed, so to speak, the updates of a live site into another one (or into a feed reader). Maybe you should get a basic understanding of the feeds before using them.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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