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  • Hi, I’m trying to import posts from Thingamablog ( into WordPress 2.1. I used the RSS import tool and all posts imported in WordPress have the date “January the 1th 1970”. I think that the pubDate in the Thingamablog xml export file was not recognised by the WordPress RSS Import script.
    This an example of my Thingamablog export file:

    <pubDate>lun, 11 ott 2004 21:33:17 GMT</pubDate>
    matteo campofiorito

    What changes I have to do on my xml to import a correct date in WordPress posts?
    I hope you can help me 🙂

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  • I resolved importing error first examining the rss.php import script and the format used in WordPress to store post date in MySQL.
    Then I used in this workaround:

    1) I used Find and Replace in a text editor to replace every <pubDate> and </pubdate> entry in the Thingamablog’s xml export file with “*”
    2) I used Find and Replace to change every <dc:date> and </dc:date> entry into <pubDate> </pubDate>

    3) Finally I used the Import RSS tool in WordPress to load the modified xml export file

    All posts, category and post’s date are correct now!

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