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  • Got a request for adding a image to the rss feed… not to individual posts, just for the site/title.
    Anyone got a hack for this? Doesn’t look like b2rss.php or b2rss2.php have any image support right now.

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  • Which image would you like to add there? Describe a little more what you want this hack to look like.
    Bye, Mike

    Many rss feeds include a header image (think like feeds) which many rss readers or site that can take rss feeds will use a image for the top of the feed.
    I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s as simple as <image>whateverurl</image>

    Since this image would likely be different for each site, adding it yourself is probably the best solution. A setting could certainly be added for this in the future (upload the image, etc.) but I would rank it somewhere near the bottom of the priority list. 😉
    Also, do you know which RSS readers (if any) support this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it and I’m curious.

    try MyHeadlines as one example of a web based rss feed aggregator…

    But web based aggregators aren’t the only type of reader out there. I’d almost go so far as to say the web-based readers are the one’s I’d least like to clutter up with custom images. RSS is supposed to be fast. Adding pretty graphics is counter-intuitive IMHO.

    I know that FeedReader supports the channel icons. I imagine we’ll add support for them one day, but as Alex said, it’s not our highest priority at the moment. As a side note, however, I think that it’s actually a required element in the 0.9x flavors of RSS 🙂

    I could do this hack if it’s really needed.. Actually the b2rss files (I’m assuming WP’s arent radically different) are easy to work with.

    It would be nice if this feature could be broken down to categories. In some cases (mine for example 😉 ) it is wanted to have categories with different languages, and it could be useful to have an image per category, not only blog-wide.

    Given the graphical nature of the Web (a reality, whether we like it or not), an image (such as corporate logo) associated with an RSS feed is pretty important and becoming more important as RSS grows in popularity. Most of the RSS readers I’ve seen support the use of such images. I’m happy to edit a configuration file to add an image, but I don’t know which file to edit or the syntax in order to include such images in the RSS feed files. Can someone say how to do this?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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