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  • Resolved dreamleaf


    I’ve noticed the same behaviour on 2 separate sites, using this plugin causes too many image requests by the server, causing bandwidth to skyrocket.

    On really low traffic sites I have seen 3gb of bandwidth being used up by a dozen images being requested multiple times every 20 minutes or so. At first I thought it was WP cron, but when looking deeper – WP identifies itself.

    These image requests are unnamed and being made using GET.

    It’s a nice idea for a plugin, but not stable in my opinion.

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  • Plugin Author tepelstreel


    That’s a very good point to investigate. But how do you exactly know that it’s the plugin? Normally the feed should be produced once you write or update a post.

    Then when people watch the feed, of course the images are in the feed, so they cause traffic. But every 20 minutes? where does that come from? Somebody using a feedreader on that specific feed?

    Did you have a look at the traffic, with the plugin disabled?

    Cheers for the feedback

    The main give away that it’s the plugin is that when disabled, nothing happens at all. Zero requests apart from legitimate traffic/requests.

    The issue was pretty confusing to start with, when I noticed it I saw that the traffic was coming from the server the sites are hosted on, with no referring url shown (which is why I thought cron). Then digging a bit deeper I saw that the request was actually being made with the User Agent of PHP5… rather than a browser name, botname or feed name.

    It was only at this point I considered looking at the plugins in turn, and disabling this one stopped the requests.

    I agree that the 20min intervals is a very weird part of it, especially with no external request being made. The only thing I can think of at the moment is that maybe WP cron is giving it a kick at those intervals, maybe as a side effect of it doing something else.
    Alternatively, the code itself may be looping.

    A problem like this I would have expected more people to pick up on, and if it wasn’t for me noticing this on 2 different setups (but same issue) I would have chalked it up to the setup.

    I’d just like to say the functionality of this plugin is really good and much needed, but while providing the bandwidth overhead – I can’t use it.

    Plugin Author tepelstreel


    I think I could solve the problem in the next version of the plugin. Would you mind testing?


    I’d be happy to test it, fire me an email at nik.hurwood at gmail .com when you’ve got it ready!

    Plugin Author tepelstreel


    I sent it the day before yesterday (just in case, it went to the spam folder).

    Plugin Author tepelstreel


    As I see no further coments about server requests and I cannot detect them myself, I regard the topic closed. Again thanks a lot for alerting me and shout, if there are still too many server requests :o)

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