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  • I have seen this topic come up a couple of times before, but no one seems to have actually given a resolution for it.

    I have a new WordPress site at, and the Settings menu for “Reading” clearly shows “Full Text” as the option selected for the posts within my RSS Feed ( However, the feed does not give full text only the summary. I have tried selecting Summary and saving and then re-selecting Full Text and saving again, but this makes no difference whatsoever.

    I have only two plugins enabled on the site; the built-in Akismet anti-spam plugin and the Odiogo text to speech plugin, which cannot possibly be the culprit since the whole point of that plugin is to take the Full Text from the RSS Feed and convert it to an audio file.

    Problem is, if I cannot set the RSS Feed to use the Full Text option, then the audio files will only include the summary which generally amounts to around 20% of the post, rendering the audio feed useless.

    If anyone has any ideas how to solve this, I would be extremely grateful.


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  • I don’t know if this will solve your issue, but I just came across a solution that worked for me. It seems that my theme did not link to the RSS 2 feed. Apparently, you can only get full feeds through browsers if you are using RSS 2 regardless of the Reader Setting. Hope this helps.


    I had same problem, I was trying to pull data from rss feed but i couldn’t get full text but finally i solved the problem. You can do nothing with RSS but you can change your PHP code to make it work.

    If you replace <content:encoded> tag with <content> by using php code, and pull it like $desc = $xml ->channel->item[$i]->content;

    It will work. This is how i solved the problem.


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