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  • Hello,

    I run a vBulletin Message Board on our website. They have a built in RSS Feed Manager of which we can enter a feed, tell it to post in a certain section of the board, and at the time intervals we set it will automatically post entries from our blog.

    We installed the WordPress blog tonight and have noticed one glaring problem. The WordPress blog entries are not converting there HTML into BB code. Or if we remove the convert option in the RSS Feed Manager, it still doesn’t work at all.

    I tried typing naturally, as I am this post.

    Making spaces as you can see while hitting return. YET the Blog’s HTML does not convert, or does not properly display on the forums.

    Is there any plug ins or options as to how to use the editor of WordPress to fix this conversion or display problem?

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  • Hello,

    * BUMP *

    This fell to page 3 with no response and we really need to know how to fix this or we’ll have to switch blog software for the 3rd time.

    Here is an example of what it looks like in a post:

    Obviously you can link to the blog via the more button underneath the text.

    This is what it looks like in Movable Type blog using vBulletin’s built in Feed Manager:

    So why is WordPress having problems? Where is the normal editor system or wysiwyg?

    Does WordPress just not work with vBulletin? Or is this vBulletin’s Feed Manager having a problem?

    Because I don’t understand why it would work with Movable Type and not WordPress.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    I don’t know much about vB’s rss importing – I suspect the issue is with that, though, since WP’s feeds work perfectly well in a variety of RSS readers.

    I think the problem with getting help on this forum is that the most likely point of failure isn’t actually part of wordpress. Consider asking on the vB forums?

    … while you’re at it.. can I ask…

    If your focus is on a forum, why are you even using blogging software? Why not used something like “vB Advanced CMPS” to extract the first post of every thread in one of your forums, to a page that looks exactly like a blog? Isn’t that really what you want anyway – with replies to that thread appearing like comments on the blog post?

    You have a posting-engine in place, with vB as it is, you don’t really need wordpress at all.

    Just set up a forum called “news” or whatever, and post your threads in there. vBadvanced will pull the first post from each, and bob’s your uncle. You can use vB’s extensive permission structure to prevent other forum groups from posting threads in that forum – instead only allowing them to post replies to existing threads, just like a blog.

    Using something like vBadvanced, which was designed to be a portal page, also lets you put these blog posts anywhere you want… in your site root, on /blog, or wherever.

    My focus isn’t on the forum it’s on the actual website. The News section of our website is just an extension of the core.

    It’s not actually a case that the forum itself is the point, but it is the main congregating area, due to the ease of interaction and the functions it provides. Such as Private Messaging and seeing all the members that are online at any one point.

    The reason we have/want a blog is because it’s great for traffic aside from the good content that it allows for us. The other thing is that I’m killing two birds with one stone here. If I can post a blog entry on a news topic and have it auto Import the RSS feed into a forum post, I don’t have to make the post twice.

    We have now 3 blogs on our site, one is greymatter which does not have the best functionality.

    Movable Type which is riddled with errors, and WordPress now which seems to have all the functionality we need, but of course the VB Importer is not working with it to format the text properly.

    I have submitted a bug to vBulletin on this as I think it’s there issue. It’s too bad I cannot combine MT and WP and actually get a blog program to work for this.

    Thanks for the response though.

    Legion of Angels

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