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  • I’ve done a decent amount of googling and seacrhing on this site, and haven’t found the answer so please be patient.

    You know those RSS sections that you can have in your sidebar? The ones that pull in content from external RSS feeds? How do you make them update? The content has stayed the same since i added them. Here’s the site in question:

    Now i have installed a plugin/widget called GS cron and it looks like a nice interface for wp-cron so i should have no problems setting up a wp-cron job if i can just find out what to make it run. eg: is there an existing php file i can make it run which will update the external content? in my opinion there should be one, or the RSS feed sections are pretty worthless, and yet i can’t find any actual information about this, most stuff about RSS in wordpress is about how to make an rs feed of your own content.

    Thanks in advance, i appreciate any answers that may be forthcoming.

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  • I’ve written an RSS plugin similar to the that comes with wordpress. One difference is that it gives you an option to force cache flushing. Maybe it will solve this for you:

    this looks like it might fit the bill perfectly. thank you very much. it seems very silly that the normal rss applets don’t have one or two more options as it is.

    hopefully that’ll sort it out, thanks.

    hi again adam,

    it doesn’t apparently update the feeds itself. i’ve changed “false” to “true” as your instructions say, i am sure i am missing something simple. any idea what it is?

    Even with the force cache option set, it will wait 1 hour before flushing, if I remember right. I wrote that code quite a while ago. If you want it more frequent, search for 3600 in the code (the number of seconds in an hour) and decrease it.

    thanks again, i’ll revisit it tomorrow and see which should give it plenty of time.

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