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  • I love your plugin!

    However – the is not much documentation for setting up “Use feed keys”. And I have noticed that several people have asked the same question(s).

    How are these “feed keys” generated? Where are they located? Can GoogleReader still be used? If so, how?

    Also – when I reset the “Use feed keys” sometimes it doesn’t “take”. The feeds are still accessible.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Sorry I forgot to mention that this is for:

    [Plugin: Private! WordPress Access Control Manager]

    I have checked the source code and I do not see traces of any feed key generator in the profiles page….!
    Not sure he is referring to use the Feed key(s) plugin here?
    I had to get rid of those as they were not reliable and only sometimes working….

    Dear Author, please clarify how feed keys are suppose to work!

    1) I have enabled the option “Use feed keys” – no link showed up in profiles or in meta widget offering the user specific generated feed url with key appended
    2) Looking at the source I find

    function auth($guest=false)
       global $current_user;
       if(!is_user_logged_in() || $guest == true)
          if(    (is_feed() || is_comment_feed())
             &&  $guest != true
             && $this->options['feedkey']==true
             && isset($_GET['user'])
             && isset($_GET['auth'])
             $auth = get_user_meta($_GET['user'], 'feed_key_'.$this->blog->id);

    – is the feedkey simply the user id ?
    – is the key always present but never visible for the user (then how to feed the feed reader ???)
    – is this the right spot for the issue

    Actually, when enabling the meta widget to see feds, you get a reditrect on the feed link to:
    BUT the page displayed is NOT an RSS feed, but just the same page (e.g. homepage)
    The URL taken into a browser that is NOT logged in to the blog redirects to login…

    What gives ?

    looking at the author’s Profile activity….not posted anything since 444 days – guys I am going off board from this promising plugin….sorry

    …besides, the URL that is redirected to seems to not populate the uri:
    my URL above to a feed is lacking the
    part. That’s why the simply show the page, not the RSS. Adding with the keys still requires login on a fresh browser session:

    Source code redirects like this:
    wp_redirect(get_bloginfo('url').$path['path'].'?user='.$current_user->ID.'&auth='.$auth['0'], 301);

    I’d say, $path[‘path’] is an empty string:
    $path = parse_url($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);
    and get_bloginfo(‘url’) only provides the default homepage
    Where is the URI (“folders”)?

    …..I check an older version

    same issue with 1.65 and WP 3.3.1

    same issue with WP 3.2.1 and 1.7.0!!

    What is going on here ? Not a single WP/Plugin combination that currently enables reliable RSS Feed Keys!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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