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  • OK, this is a very big deal for me. Somebody change the way functionality in WordPress works. Last week I finally upgraded to Wordprss 2.5.1 and posted with new software my 2 blog posts. After each my post most of my subscribers read initial part of the post from their RSS reader, then they click on Read more link and come to visit my website. This increases visitor count and after each post I get more ad clicks. That did not happen after my last 2 posts. IT TOOK ME LONG TIME TO INVESTIGATE THIS AND FIND THAT WORDPRESS FUNCTIONALLITY CHANGED! I did not expected that! I would have stated with with old version forever.
    How can now I make money?????????????

    Please please somebody with authority give me back functionality!
    I tried to downgrade back to old WOrdpress version, but it is installed through Fantastico scripts and they cannot do that!

    Please somebody help me – I will not do any more posts on wordpress till RSS will show just start of my posts!

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  • Just to explain business side of my problem:
    Business model:
    Blog is latest news about specific topic. After few days these news are “Old news” and not interested. So users have to come to my blog to read about this news NOW, or as soon as they get it through RSS.
    Before “Read more” tag there is teaser that ends at the part of the news that makes you want to come to my side and finish reading it.
    This is very simple business logic! And it does not work with WOrdpress 2.5.1 anymore. Why? Why would you change that? There are more sites that use this type of business model!
    Please give us back functionality. I spend hours finding what is wrong. Know I have to spend hours to figure out what to do from here.

    Hello HandySolo,

    Thank you very much for this link. Unfortunatelly I had to disable this just after few minutes of testing. I need something that does not change behaviour of my RSS feeds. I do not need to rename Read More link to something else and add word count. Or Add Dig This, etc…. All I need a “Read More” as it was before WOrdpress 2.5.1. I am looking into way to rollback to pre WOrdpress 2.3 release, having problem with this also.

    Is there any TESTED code that I can change in WOrdpress right now as emergency fix?

    Put it this way – every post I’ll do will cost me x dollars. Alos every post I do not do because of this also cost me… And know I am tryig to fix somebodys bad bad bad decision! So if something does not work, I pay…. I already paid big time for this 2.5.1 upgrade, I cannot believe that some developers whould change such an important functionality without big big announcement and giving more time for people to react….

    Why did you pay big time for free software?

    As for the plugin, I tried it. It worked.

    Tip: I’m sorry that your free software hosted business is losing tons of money. Ranting in every post here won’t make unpaid volunteer support people any more motivated.

    I am not ranting at you. I am rantig at people who made decision to change functionality that I am counting on. I am just very very frustrated.

    WordPress is free software but many many people are using it as a hosting tool even for sites that generate some income. And different people use different functionality. I lost money because I did not get revenue from the prevoius post as expected. I will be loosing revenue because instead of creating content I am looking through PHP and many different plugins to find one that works and dealing with my provider trying to get backups.

    Software you linked to has following problems:
    1. If you go through comments, you’ll see that it might interfare with headers.
    2. It adds much more than I need. Altough I could change part of the text to “Read more”, I could not find how to remove all the extra links it adds.

    I appreciate unpaid volunteer works you do and I again, I have a highest respect to you.
    I also don’t expect answer to my this rant. I’ll try to figure out something myself from here…

    Thanks again for your help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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