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  • I added to an existing thread in another part of the board, but I want to put this here too because it is a request and feedback, plus something I think needs to be addressed overall.

    The main area is the RSS feeds and the “MORE” tag. I write a couple of blogs with longer posts, and in order to make the feeds reasonable for aggregation sites, I tend to take the first couple of paragraphs, and then slip in a MORE tag, which keep the feed shorter, and also keeps my site’s front page from being packed full of the post (often 20 or more paragraphs, or containing multiple larger images).

    From version 1.6 or so to 2.3.3, this feature worked great. Put in a more tag, and the results on your blog and on your RSS feed were totally in sync.

    Not anymore. the RSS feeds now entirely ignore the more tag, and further, the only two choices for the feeds now are full or very limited, neither of which works for me.

    The bigger question is this: Why do the people programming WordPress feel the need to break things all the time, removing features without notice, and without consideration for who might use them and why? I understand that people may want other features, but is there a reason to remove an existing feature that works perfectly and really helps out in many ways?

    Is there a way to get this feature put back in? It is truly annoying to work without it, and I know at least a couple of people here are losing access to aggregation sites because their feed is too large.

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  • Bumping this up so hopefully a developer might see it.


    1. Most often there is several weeks of deliberation and open discussion before changes are made. All of this is found in and the wp mailing lists.

    2. Sometimes it is unintentional, and the bug is called a “regression.” Report it.

    3. Occasionally, the main authors of WordPress simply want to make it that way. (For instance, I miss the generic file editor (which used to be in “Manage | Files”). See [6632])

    The good thing about Open Source is that, as per GPL, YOU can change anything you want with the software, and the main authors of WordPress can change anything they want, too.

    I hope this helps!

    Pinoy, after 25+ years working in the computer field, I know and understand the idea of GPL – but I also understand that having to deal with reapplying the same patch over and over again to a product like wordpress that seems to have significant version changes (to keep ahead of security holes, most often) is a pain in the butt. So no matter how “open source” a product is, when you decide to take your own branch off to the side, you start making your own life much more difficult, and that difficulty level increases with each additional blog or change you decide to apply.

    If wordpress was a stable product with no real security holes, there is potential that many of us would have gotten off the version elevator a long time ago to avoid some of the hassles of new versions, but alas much of what is in 2.5.x is specifically to get rid of security holes in 2.3.x, so we are stuck upgrading.

    My point was this: The RSS more tag feature worked perfectly, there was little reason to remove it. Perhaps add another option (ignore more tag, example) but just randomly removing it is just poor form.

    I will attempt to report this through the process, but like trying to report that the TinyMCE adds extra characters to posts it will likely go ignored.

    As a side note, I found this:

    I have to say that the thread smacks of arrogance. To remove functionality from software (as opposed to making it optional) is horrible form. It is clear that this function could have been replaced with a “short, full, or to the more / next page tag” for rss output. Making an absolute choice that doesn’t suit anyone and then saying “that makes it plug-in territory now” is just mind numbing.

    Is there a way to get around this, in the meantime? (Without a plugin.)

    Thanks for your time.


    I use this feature, periodically, to protect certain content from being scraped.


    The answer is in that TRAC – the people in charge have chosen to remove functionality. Deal with it.

    Thank you.

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