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  • I have a podcast ( which has been on iTunes for about 6 months. Last week, the site went down for about 1/2 day. When it came back up, I suddenly started getting emails that listeners were not able to download the show from iTunes anymore. On iTunes, it would still show the latest podcast, but the download would not proceed.

    Since then, I’ve double-checked my feedburner settings ( and validated. I’ve clicked the RSS feed on my site (it works), and right-clicked specific shows on iTunes to copy the feed URL to ensure nothing had changed (it hadn’t).

    In short, besides the server briefly going down on Go Daddy, nothing has changed on the site. Strangely enough, if I do the following, SOME of the shows can be downloaded through iTunes:
    1. From the site, I click on the RSS link at the bottom
    2. On the Feedburner page, I click “add to iTunes”
    3. iTunes opens and I can download a few podcasts
    4. However, when I open iTunes later, nothing downloads and it says to “check the URL”.

    This is driving me insane, and I have a feeling it’s a simple solution. We get the majority of our listeners from iTunes, so it’s imperative I get this straightened out. By the way, we also have the show on Stitcher radio and have had no problems. Anything the WP community can do to help is appreciated.

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  • Is it perhaps a content rating issue? iTunes is very family friendly, I am told. It may be being flagged by users and then restricted for download at their servers. STFU is quite offensive to many.

    No, each post is marked “explicit” by default, and there are many podcasts with adult language. The podcasts have downloaded perfectly for over 6 months. It isn’t any more “adult” than Adam Carolla, Kevin Smith, or hundreds of other shows. As long as the shows are marked explicit, just about any language/topic is okay with Apple. Thanks anyway for your suggestion.

    Marking your content as explicit will likely cause many to not see it yet not marking it as such can lead to legal issues. Perhaps those sites have both legal and media teams? I am not at all against freedom to expression or speech, I am just saying it’s an uphill battle when there is no written agreement of liabilities between all parties sponsoring the content, especially due to the differing laws in countries, states, and even cities.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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