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    I’m having problems with the RSS-feed from my page: – it seems, whatever I choose, Full Text or Summary, it shows a summary version no matter what I choose. I dunno what has happened, at first I thought one of the plugins did this, but after deactivating all plugins, the feed still shows a truncated post-list. I don’t get why, though.

    Has anyone got a solution to this? Is there, somewhere, a hardcoded setting for RSS-feed? Is there a file I could change, that would take away the choice of either full text / summary (as I only want full text, incl. links and other HTML to be included)?

    This is really a big problem, so any help would be appreciated.

    I use the latest WordPress, 2.6, and right now no plugins installed at all. The site URL is

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  • Chris_K


    I see full articles.

    Note: if you’re testing with a browser, you’ll want to view source to really see the feed.

    According to this post about this RSS feed issue, it seems that your problem may be that your theme may not be using bloginfo(’rss2_url’) as the URL behind your RSS link. You may want to check this out. You will not get full text feeds through a browser if you are not using RSS version 2 regardless of whether you have it selected in your reading settings or not. Hope this helps.

    Unless this has changed recently, Firefox only displays excerpts in feed previews. When I want to test a feed I use IE (or load it into Bloglines).

    I have confirmed my theme is using rss2 and my blog still only publishes summary (title and description) even though I have set it to Full Text.

    I want my photography blog to post to my Facebook Notes application (or the RSS Feeder) application, but WordPress is only posting the summary (Title and description).

    I’m using this feed address:

    I’ve tried viewing in IE and Firefox. No luck.

    Moderator kmessinger


    In IE7 your feed is full text (pictures) except for the password protected posts. I did not check FF as it only publishes summaries.

    BTW, it is best not to add on to an old post. Some will never see it the way our profile and entries work. If you have an issue post it as new.

    Finally after 2 days trying I was able to show the full text. I had to make changes to feed-rss2 file. Comment line 47 of WP 2.7. If you need help contact me:


    Very likely you have used a wrong feed source from your blog to feed the feedburner. Change the source in feedburner to

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    Sweet Lord, styleblo quit digging up 1400 ancient threads to plug your website.

    I am sorry. I stopped.

    <b>Turns out the problem is with Pipes truncating the feed as it renders. Going to the Pipes forums now.</b>

    I’m having a similar problem. At this point, we’re migrating away from our crappy blogging platform and over to wordpress, so I have to use Yahoo Pipes to bring in the RSS feed from WP. Here is the WP feed I need:

    As you can see, it’s displaying the full entry. However, when I put it into Yahoo Pipes, it continues cutting off the entry. Here is the pipe:

    If an entry is naturally “truncated” by Yahoo, it only shows a regular …, but when it’s truncated by WP, it shows […]. So, as you look at it, you’ll see the bracketed ellipsis.



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