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  • I have been looking through wordpress support for two days and I cannot find anything to help me with this simple problem. If there has been a post that fixes this problem please be kind.
    I installed wordpress set up the database that works fine. I set up the RSS feed and that seems to be fine. I go the write a post and link my mp3 file in the post window like this
    My podcast
    and save. I can go to any RSS reader and it picks up all the words of the post, but it does not see my mp3 file. It says no file could be found.
    This is my feed

    I am putting the mp3 files in my podcast dir . The podcast folder is in my root dir. I have even tried to put the file in root and linked to that still will not find the mp3.
    I open the acutal RSS feed and look at the code and the <enclosure url=” is not even there. WordPress is not putting the enclosure line in the feed. I am sure this is a simple problem, but I just can’t figure it out Please help. I hope I have given all the needed info to help everyone with the question. Please Please help Amy brain hurts.
    Website =
    RSS Feed =

    I don’t know if this matters , but after trying for some time and then installed the ipodcatter plugin to help with submitting to Itunes.
    Thanks for all your help.

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