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  • Hey all, I was hoping somebody could tell how to get an RSS feed to display one category.

    To be more specific.
    I’ve got an Adult Humour section on my site, I want the ‘clean’ stuff to only show up in a feed which I’ve placed on another one of my sites.

    I thought if I simply tagged the clean stuff in a ‘clean’ category, it would be ideal if I could create an rss feed that only searched that category.

    I dont want to change the RSS feeds so that it’ll always search the clean category, but simply for my other site.

    Anybody have any suggestions?

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  • You get a specific categories feed by using a syntax like:<category>/feed if you have permalinks enabled and “archives” is your base.


    Hi there, I did try what you said but ended up with an error.
    Here is the original feed. How should I change it?

    As I said, if you have permalinks enabled you could use my syntax.

    You don’t have them enabled so in your case..if you wanted to get the feed of the “News” category (I didn’t dare click the others as I’m at work 🙂 ) you’d use:

    So you basically add the “cat=<category id>&” portion.


    thank you very much for the help, I’ll try to see what I can do on my own now before I started asking to be spoon fed.

    hey there Cypher, for some odd reason when I used your method, it would only display the last post in that category.
    Any suggestions?

    How are you looking at the feed? When I pull up the link I posted here in the forums in Firefox, I see 2 entries. If I change the category to “6” I get 10 articles which is the max default number set in the options.

    If you are using a Feed reader, it might be only getting the latest?


    What does it mean to have <i>”archives” is your base</i>?

    I have permalinks enabled, but I am still need to use ?cat=11&feed=rss2 method.

    I appreciate the help.

    All right, I figured something out. If I use category/name of cat/feed, it works.

    Any chance something can be configured to make the feed look like: name/feed

    OK, fellows, I find… In presentation, the Syndication Feed.


    I have TWO categories (PM and CRM), with 3 posts in each one. Therefore, I have six posts.

    However, in my RSS Feed in the bottom of the page, you see only the last three posts.

    How is possible to include in the RSS Feed all posts until now? At this moment only 6, but in the future 10, 40, etc.

    Please kindly help, I am new in WP.

    In the admin section, click Options|Reading. The number of posts to be included in the feed can be set there.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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