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  • This is THE validator:

    and check your code: you shouldn’t have anything AFTER the closing </body> tag.

    Hi Moshu:
    Thanks for responding so quickly. While I brave the code, I’m no programmer. I can not find the invalid code referenced. What file should I be editing.


    1. Only you know in which file did you place the creative commons license – find it, correct it.
    2. To change the RSS > to Rss: open the wp-rss2.php file.

    BTW, next to each error there is a link “help” – did you click on any of them???

    don’t mean to sound like an idiot. I probbly have no business mesing with the code. I admit, I do not know what 1. I am doing. its been trial and LOTS of error. 🙂 I removed the creative commons file while trouble shooting a few dys ago, because it was the only thing that I thought could be interfering with the rss feed. It had been working before I enabled it. I have been going through pages trying to see where code could be. I tried to reverse install. i guess I will have to reinstall to figure out wwhere it is placing the code.

    2. this is what I wanted to know. I knew there was an rss file, but I was looking for rss.php or rss.php. I did not know to look for the wp prefix. Additionally, I di not know whether it was rss or rss2.

    3. When I saw creative commons errors ll over the validator output, I got excited and when looking for the rss file and to double check that I had unistalled the cretive commons pugin. I will, however use them as a reference.

    Thanks again


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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