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  • HI.
    I have an issue with my rss feed which is causing a lot of consternation.
    We recorded podcasts for years and everything has worked well up until Sept/October last year.
    iTunes has stopped tracking the podcasts.

    The feed is valid, but recommends that there are “more than one item in an enclosure” and as a result, iTunes will not pick up the feed.

    The more recent episodes of our podcast since Sept 2009 are not showing up in iTunes, nor are they showing up with a player on the website.

    I can’t seem to find any help anywhere online and I hope that someone in the forums might be able to help with a fix.

    Thanks in advance

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  • This might be similar to this thread:

    If you add the media files with podPress then you should avoid insert links to the media file in the content of a post. Because if you link to a podcast file in the content then WordPress adds an enclosure automatically and additionally (resp. podPress doesn’t recognizes that yet. Maybe in later versions.)

    If you need further help then it would be helpful to know your feed URL.

    BTW: In general: please, add a ‘podpress’ tag to a post in this forum if the post is (most likely) related to podPress. That would make it significantly easier to get notice of your question.

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