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  1. Starbuck
    Posted 10 years ago #

    WP 2.0.2: I hope this isn't a FAQ...: If I load mysite/blog/category/feed with IE6, I get different data on every other page load.

    - On "even" loads I get a pageful of text which appears to be valid XML if I view-source.
    - On "odd" loads I get a empty page wrapped in HTML tags.

    On different /feed pages the output could be this:
    - On "even" loads I see full XML rendered with color coding and allowing collapsing of nodes.
    - On "odd" loads I get "The XML page cannot be displayed" message.
    - Once in a while I get the empty page wrapped in HTML tags.

    Obviously something is programmatically and consistently incorrect. I don't care about rendering XML in a browser, the point is that the XML being generated is inconsistent.

    Is this a recognized bug that was maybe fixed in 2.0.3 or now 2.0.4?


  2. Chris_K
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Must be some odd IE6 thing. I can't seem to replicate with FF1.5 or IE7 beta 3.

    I was testing with my blog at http://www.solo-technology.com/blog/category/tech/feed/

    When trying with IE6, when you reload, try using ctrl-F5 instead of just F5 (or clicking reload button). That'll force a page reload and clear any local browser caching.

  3. Starbuck
    Posted 10 years ago #

    That seems to be it - I understand RSS/XML isn't intended to be rendered in a browser. I'm just glad it's not an issue with WP.

    Topic closed. Thanks.

  4. WPChina
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I had this problem too and then I think I fixed it.

    I was using WP-Cache and I thought that was causing the problem. Then in one of my DEactivated plugins I found a blank line after the ending php. I deleted that blank line, cleared my cache, and the problem has not occured in the past 3 weeks--before it was happening just like yours on every other page load.

    I hope this has solved my problem and so far it looks good :)

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