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  • I have a client that has a legacy asp site and a wordpress site. His legacy site has a custom built CMS in addition to e-commerce features. He wants to be able to display some of the wordpress blogs inside his legacy site. Essentially it would be the stuff that fits in his leftcontent div, and he wants to have the capability to do the comment sections in between posts seamlessly. I assume there are 4 ways to do this and wanted advice.

    #1. Pull the rss feed for that blog, parse it, and display inline.
    #2. Pull the html content for that blog, parse out everything between the leftcontent div and display inline.
    #3. Pull the html content for that blog, parse out everything between the leftcontent div, add supporting html/body/etc around the div and display in an iframe or frame (blechh).
    #4. Set up a web service to access the WordPress database and pull the associated information and display inline after formatting.

    The only one I can think of that would actually have a chance of success with comments is #3 and it is my least favorite. I know the client wouldn’t want the users to get escaped out of the legacy site and sent to the WordPress site if they clicked the comment link.

    The client uses Intense Debate on the legacy site and the built in comments on the WordPress site.

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  • esmi


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    Yes, and I don’t think that is possible. The two sites are on separate domains. The WordPress site is WAMP and the other site is legacy asp (yuck) that should be moving to a .Net environment in the near future.
    The client has no desire to integrate the two as one site, and they wouldn’t fit together regarding content 95% of the time. He just wants select blog content to appear on the legacy site as well as the WordPress site. I know I could do this easily by parsing the RSS and formatting it on the legacy site presentation, but I am at a loss to see how I could get the commenting features to go across seamlessly.



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    Parsing the RSS feed would seem to be the best approach to try first – given your limited set of options.

    Thanks esmi. I’m still stuck thinking of how I can integrate working comments on both sides. I was hoping it was something that was obvious to the WordPress community. I’m a WordPress noob. I think it will take some trickery.

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