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  • I don’t know if this is a bug, or if I’m doing something terribly wrong somewhere.
    I’ve got my RSS feed set to show the last 15 posts. I checked the option in the database, and it is correctly set to 15. I’ve checked wp-rss2.php, and it is correctly getting the number from the database, but apparently $posts is only coming back with three in it.
    For my running blog, it’s only showing the last *two* posts.
    Same with the Atom feeds.
    Any ideas what could be going wrong, or how I can fix it?
    Blogs in question are:

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  • BTW – I’m using WP 1.2 Mingus.

    What do you have set under Options|Reading for Syndication Feeds?

    Show the most recent [15] posts.
    For each article show [*] Full Text.
    Encoding for pages and feeds: UTF-8
    You didn’t ask, but the Front Page setting is last 32 days.
    Gzip is unchecked.
    is the feed for that category (personal) and it shows all the posts, as expected.
    You might want to check whether you have selected the right value for “Show Last” X “days/posts/posts paged”
    That should be posts, I guess you might have set it at last 10 days or something….

    Ah hah!
    It is a bug.
    If you have the front page set to “days” instead of posts, then the unit for RSS also changes to “days”, even though it says “posts”.
    So it was showing the last 15 days in RSS, which contained only three posts.

    I just noticed on my blog the feed shows correctly on some aggregators and not others, don’t know why yet.

    Maybe you could file a bug report at so it can be fixed.

    Done. Thanks.
    You can view it here.

    I’ve filed a bug report.

    Beel: I was using Sage in Firefox as my reader, and also viewing the XML file directly. You were probably looking at it as I figured out what was going on and set the front page to display by “posts” so that it’d fix my RSS feed.
    2fargon: Oops! We both appear to have posted bugs.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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