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    because all of the forum readers and more experienced WordPress-people helped me so good last time, first I want to thank you.

    But I’m running in circles a little bit because of my RSS-feed. I know that my feed should be showing here:
    But there seems no feed to be showen.
    (Sorry for my very broken English)

    So my question is, can I control my feed on myself? Or is it because there are only pages in my WordPress and no post-entries?

    Thanks alot for any try to help me.


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  • By default, only Posts are published in an RSS feed. You’ll need to install a plugin to add Pages to your feed.


    thanks for the answer.
    I was worried that RSS would only be feed by Posts… Bummer.
    Does anybody know a good plugin for this?



    I just discoverd something strange.
    I have multiply sites with my self-build theme.
    In total 16 sites (diverse from 1 to 5 pages each).
    The funny thing is 8 of these 16 DO show the RSS (even if there only pages and I don’t have any plugin installed).
    The other 8 (one of them is the called URL before) are showing nothing.

    Anybody any idea how this can happen? I checkt all the settings and the’re all the same for the 16 sites.
    This one of the site that do work.

    I appriciate all the ideas and suggestions.


    PS. i’m working with multiply domain mapping fot these sites

    Perhaps the Page RSS is built into the themes?

    Yeah, but the theme is the same everywhere.
    So it’s stange that on one half it does work and on the other is doesn’t.

    It’s resolved. I fixed it another way.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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