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  • Hello everyone,

    After some time now, the rss feed of my site ( ) seems to have a problem (no updates come out on feedly, bloglovin or wordpress reader).
    When I check I see the latest posts on top – ok; but not when I run a test via friendfeed

    Changes made to the site about the time this started that might have a relation with the problem:
    -wordpress 3.9.1 update;
    -changed from qTranslate to mqTranslate;
    -jetpack update;

    What I have done to try to solve the issue:
    -deactivated all plugins – didn’t work
    -deleted all plugins I am not using – didn’t work
    -reset the plugins file via the server – didn’t work

    Anyone has any other possible solution?
    Please be aware, that all I did was based on suggestions I read online and that my IT knowledge is very basic, so please be patient and detailed in your answers (like talking to a 3 years old kid 🙂 ).

    Many thanks!

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  • I have visited the site 3 times in the past 15 minutes and I see the Oxygen theme.

    Is there any way I can share a printscreen with you to show you that I do have 2014 activated and the way I see the site?

    You could try using and posting the screenshot url here. I’d also try asking your hosts if they are running a web cache.

    So, this is my dashboard, where you can see the selected theme and this is how I see the website live right now

    In case there is a problem related to the cache, do you think this may also be the cause to the rss feed issue?

    (thanks for your patience)

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    I’m sorry but I can only see the Oxygen theme right now. Are you using any caching plugins?

    I am (wp supercache), but all plugins were deactivated yesterday.

    Try flushing your cache.

    Ok, can you explain me how to do it? When I have the plugin activated I see a “delete cache” button, but now, as it is inactive I don’t.

    Activate the plugin, delete the cache & then deactivate the plugin again.

    🙂 Done!

    Sorry but I am still seeing a cached site.

    I deleted cache 2 times “just in case”…I really don’t know what else I can do more to help you to help me.
    So, I guess I’ll give up for now, and try to solve this cache issue first and then (if rss feed problem persists), I’ll come back to ask for help.
    Thanks for your time and effort esmi.

    Try deleting the supercache plugin following the instructions on the plugin’s page.

    Ok, last try.
    SO, I deleted the plugin as per the instructions and run a test via friendfeed, that now is showing my latest posts (it didn’t before), also made a cache test via seositecheckup that says my site is not caching anything anymore (good!).
    Can you be so kind to have a look to check if you see the 2014 now?

    Woohoo! We have 2014! 🙂

    And guess what – now all of your posts are visible in your feed! Try switching back to the Oxygen theme to see if that causes any problems. If not, you can try switching your plugins on again one-by-one. With luck, it may have been an issue with WP Supercache.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 31 total)
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